About Us

Nina Neri is a fashion brand that specializes in designing, crafting, and retailing genuine leather handbags, clutches, and other leather accessories. It is renowned for the quality of genuine leather, the creativity inherent in its innovative designs, the high standards of workmanship displayed by its artisans and the attention to detail given to achieve the finest of finish in every piece of its collection.

The brand has brought together a team of designers from both Italy and Pakistan and allowed them the artistic freedom to design the most stunning of collections. Every bag of ours has been inspired by one of four colorful trending themes: “Grace Kelly in Wonderland,” “Great Gatsby,” “Shock Revolution,” and “Arabian Baroque.” Each piece of our collection has its own story to tell.

Transforming our designer’s imaginative concepts into reality has been a team of highly skilled local artisans who have crafted every piece most diligently. From procuring raw materials of the highest standards to the quality control systems we have set in place, we have ensured that the bag or clutch you buy exceeds your expectations.

Even as the brand has achieved world class luxury, it has done so while keeping price in mind. We wanted our bag to be within the reach of the everyday woman. We wanted to be her brand, her companion in life. Every purchase you make at Nina Neri is sure to give you the highest value for your money, bringing you world class luxury at the most affordable of prices.


Message From CEO

​On behalf of the entire team at Nina Neri, I am quite proud and extremely delighted to bring you our first collection of genuine leather handbags. I hope you will enjoy pieces from our collection, as much as we have enjoyed putting each and every one of them together. 

My passion for designing and crafting luxurious handbags began at quite an early age, but it was only after acquiring professional skills and expertise from the Academia Riacci in Florence that I set out to build my own brand.

I soon put together a team of creative designers from both Italy and Pakistan as well as a highly talented team of local artisans who could bring their designs to life. From procuring raw materials of the highest quality to the steps taken to ensure quality control, I assure you we have left no stone unturned in bringing you the very best.

With love,
Sana Hasan




Message From creative director

​It is a great pleasure to be joining you from the Italian city of Milano. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience heading the cross-cultural creative team at Nina Neri, working with designers from both Italy and Pakistan. 

Through this entire process of exploration and discovery, I have been left fascinated by the level of talent and skilled artistry of the local artisans here who crafted our collection.

For this collection, we have drawn our inspiration from four exciting themes: “Great Gatsby,” “Grace Kelly in Wonderland,” “Shock Revolution,” and my personal favorite “Arabian Baroque.” Each bag of ours has its own story to tell, and we hope each will provide you with a perfect companion as you go ahead in your own journey in life.

With love,
Emanuele Zamponi