Great Gatsby

Perhaps, no other novel captures the spirit of the Golden Age 1920s better than the Great Gatsby. It was a time of cultural and social flamboyance like none the world had ever seen before; a time of great wealth and lavish prosperity. Our Great Gatsby collection is our tribute to this defining age in the history of fashion. This collection is for the empowered and self-assured woman, out to pursue her dreams and make them come true.

PKR 7,600

From our “Great Gatsby” collection, Favola I is crafted using genuine Cricket Leather and comes in f..

Favola Lima
PKR 14,560

Twin to Favola I, Favola II is also part of our “Great Gatsby” collection but is crafted using genui..

PKR 7,800

With its classic shape and beautiful design, Helen is the signature handbag of our “Great Gatsby” co..

PKR 9,660

From our “Great Gatsby” themed collection, Milano is our tribute to the 1920s. Crafted using genuine..

PKR 10,850

No other bag captures the aura of the 1920s better than Paris from our “Great Gatsby” collection. Cr..

PKR 6,400

Sera, from our “Great Gatsby” inspired collection, is as practical as it is trendy, making it an ide..