Chain Bags

PKR 7,600

From our “Great Gatsby” collection, Favola I is crafted using genuine Cricket Leather and comes in f..

Favola Lima
PKR 14,560

Twin to Favola I, Favola II is also part of our “Great Gatsby” collection but is crafted using genui..

PKR 7,800

With its classic shape and beautiful design, Helen is the signature handbag of our “Great Gatsby” co..

PKR 10,850

No other bag captures the aura of the 1920s better than Paris from our “Great Gatsby” collection. Cr..

PKR 6,600

From our “Shock Revolution” collection, Siena is our tribute to the Swinging 1960’s. With its chic s..

PKR 5,200

Inspired by the psychedelic colour palette of Andy Warhol, Suplee is the signature piece from our “S..